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Writing Literature Review Social Media

Craft the Best Lit Reviews

Networks are a popular trend that is gaining popularity from people all over the globe. To shed light on what is public network, its importance, and effects, a well-written social media literature review will definitely maximize the quality of your research.

Remember that your lit overview is the best way for you to showcase other sources that support your research. Be sure to carefully evaluate all the information for writing a literary paper by critically analyzing the data, you can guarantee that your literature review on impact of social media encompasses your research.

help writing literature review on social media

Literature Review Social Media Thesis: Improve the Quality of Your Research

Time is of the essence when you are writing your literature review social media thesis. You should start early in order for you to address all the crucial aspects of your research. Choose also the primary sources instead of focusing on secondary sources as this could compromise the quality of your study.

Another thing that you should always keep in mind in writing your social media review of related literature review is that this should serve as an opportunity for you to refine the problem and even offer your readers recommendations for further research.

Great Lit Overview Titles

If you’ve chosen to be modern and write your network lit overviews, check out this list of topics:

  • The economic effects of public networks
  • Are friendships created on the network platforms as strong as ones created in person?
  • The increase of long-distance relationships as a function of social websites
  • Dating websites and their effectiveness
  • The cost of caring: are we becoming overstressed due to public networking?
  • Digital communication trends
  • How networks are changing our emotional responses
  • Is online activism effective?
  • Does network platforms help combat isolation?
  • The long-term effectiveness of relationships formed online
  • Network maps: how far over the world do most people’s contacts range?
  • Tweet audits: the qualities of the most effective tweets
  • Are LinkedIn profiles with numbers more effective than those without?
  • Are people with more Facebook friends more successful?

social media literature review topics

social media literature review topics

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