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Best 50 Education Literature Review Topics in 2019

Writing the literature review isn’t easy because it is filled with challenges, such as common problems and mistakes committed by students especially when choosing literature review topics in education. A few other issues include writing in the list style that lack synthesis, not being critical enough,  not being able to sort out irrelevant and relevant materials, and having a lack of organizational structure.

To prevent this problem when generating literature review topic ideas in education or writing the paper itself, keep reading for tips from the pros or get help with literature review.

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50 Best Literature Review Topic Ideas in Education

  • Educational process and critical thinking
  • Education evolution throughout history
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Modern education methods
  • Same sex schools
  • Education systems and apprenticeship phenomenon
  • Sex education advantages and disadvantages
  • Negative and positive effects of modern technologies on education
  • Gender and education
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Social skills or knowledge in preschool
  • Different countries and their basic education
  • Educational discrimination and impact on children
  • Practical versus theoretical education
  • Inclusive classes

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Our Education Literature Review Example

Aside from selecting education literature review topics, you might also want to read some lit review examples.  Below, you’ll find one that will give you help with literature review because it provides you with an idea on how to come up with a lit review on education.

Using a sample, you’ll also have a glimpse of what the review should include and how it must be formatted. With our sample, you’ll also know the different sections of this paper as well as learn to prevent mistakes in writing the literature review.

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Checklist for Your Literature Review on Education

Whether you’re choosing criminal justice literature review topics or education lit review ideas, you should know what to include in the paper when writing it. In the following, let’s highlight a checklist to refer to for your literature review on education:

Research questions framing:

Before writing the literature review on education, you must frame your thesis or research question. A few of these include:

  • What do I want to discover and why? For help, you might want to think about related approaches and concepts as well as subject terms.
  • Were they other people that have done similar research? What were their objectives? These can be people from governmental agencies, institutions or individuals.
  • What descriptive or summarizing information is available?
  • What do I know about this topic?
  • Would education events affect my literature review?

Other questions:

  • What other limitations do I have for this research? (age group, language, student type, school type, district type, curricular area, geography, teaching style, etc)
  • What education areas pique my interest? (theoretical, financial administrative, practical, and so on
  • What are my biases, prejudices and values? What ignorance areas do I have regarding to my research question? Should I let these things limit my research?  Will I let them influence my vocabulary choice, note taking and indexing terms, evaluation of research of other researchers, or conclusion?

Ask experts for guidance and answers to publications:

You might also want to reach out to educators, government officials and faculty for research area specialization and perhaps some literature review topic ideas in education ideas. For instance, you might want to consult to websites that are authorities in the educational area, which is the focus of your review. Some of these might be able to provide email addresses, addresses, phone numbers and names of people in a wide range of areas.

Look for and read additional sources for a broader overview of the study:

You can use secondary sources that will define the questions and expand your search. Some of these secondary sources are some resources, which have reviewed research that other researchers did. Some of these sources include educational psychology review, sage research methods, education encyclopedias and handbook of research on teaching.

Choose preliminary sources indexing related literature:

A few of these include conference proceeding papers, government documents, journal articles and dissertations. You will also find electronic libraries on some topics related to teaching STEM and special education.

Find the descriptors or subject terms. You can use them in searching preliminary sources. Selecting the most correct descriptors or search terms will influence your search results. You might want to use ERIC thesaurus online.

Evaluate your primary sources:

As you’re printing out copies of the articles and review copies of reports or books, you must check in the names of the authors or groups that did the research on the topic and bibliographies. You will also narrow your research by finding additional subject terms.

Categorize the publications:

You should classify the sources into categories, which are going to help you determine which to read first. Categorizing, you might also spot ways on how to synthesize the things you discovered.

Get ready with the lit review report:

Aside from choosing best topics for literature review in education, you should take note of the checklist that will help you come up with a complete literature review on education. There are some resources that can guide in preparing the report.

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Professional Help with Literature Review on Education

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