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What Is an Abstract in a Literature Review in a Few Words

Think of your work as a movie. Did you imagine it? So, a literature review abstract is kind of like a trailer. In it, you summarize the plot and show the main characters. In this case, the story is the content of the lit overview. The main characters are the objectives, methods, and themes. In the abstract, you indicate which aspects of the literature will be overviewed and what issues or topics will be covered.

It is important to make the text very brief and informative. So that your readers should not have any questions. You must give a clear picture of your work right away, dot all the dots at the very beginning. If you manage to do this, you can have no doubts about success. Further, we describe all the necessary nuances and details.

The Nuances of Creating a Literature Review Abstract

What is an abstract? Generally, it’s a summary of a topic. Most often, abstracts are used in large-scale scientific articles. Research papers are also impossible without them. And this is the main reason why students often get confused about what is an abstract in a literature review.

This type of paper can be mistaken for an introduction or a lit analysis in general. An additional question may arise: does a literature review have an abstract? Let’s answer the two main questions that arise when preparing.

Is abstract and literature review the same?

The answer is definite. No, they are not the same thing. However, both are part of a research paper or study. An abstract is a summary of the key aspects of the whole paper. It’s like a guide. It helps to assess the content of the work quickly. It also helps understand whether it corresponds to the stated topic.

What is the difference between a literature review abstract and introduction?

The difference lies in the purpose of each part of the paper.

  • The abstract is a summary of the topic. This is a description of the methods and conclusions regarding the literature overview.
  • The introduction is the introductory part of the paper. It is not a list or an outline. It is a brief description of the entire paper. The introduction describes the aims and objectives. The introduction is an introductory part of the work, preparing the reader for a broader dive into the topic.
  • The literature analysis is a separate section of the research paper. It describes previous studies. In it, the author refers to other studies. Depending on the focus, it can be a critique or an expansion of existing knowledge.

Thus, the abstract provides a summary of the entire paper. The introduction and literature overview focus on the context, objectives, and previous research.

Proper Filling and Structuring Abstract for Literature Review

Every academic paper is subject to rules, and the literature overview abstract is no exception. To succeed with this task, you need to play by these rules. They say the paper must have a clear literature review outline involving 5 structural parts. The text itself should be short and adequately formatted.

  1. Introduction. This part gives the research background and purpose and justifies its significance. Here, you should convince the reader of the relevance and importance of the work.
  2. Methodology. This section describes the methods used to conduct the research, including data collection and analysis.
  3. Results. Here, you need to present the outcomes. Key scientific and practical conclusions should be stated clearly and concisely.
  4. Discussion. This section discusses options for applying the knowledge gained in practice and future research.
  5. Conclusion. This section summarizes all the results of the work. Some assignments may also require sharing recommendations and suggestions for further research.

How to Write an Abstract for a Literature Review Step by Step

To answer the question “How to write an abstract for a literature review?” you must first answer another question. Namely, when should you start writing an abstract? The fact is that the scheme “in order” does not work here. Preparing an abstract is easier when the main work is already finished, and you have all the information to use.

First, you assess the literature, formulate theses, and conduct research. After that, you write the conclusion with the results. Only after that, you will have all the introductory information. This makes writing an abstract much easier, faster, and, most importantly, more effective and efficient. Additionally, we recommend following these steps when writing an abstract for a literature review:

  • Start by describing the purpose of your literature analysis. Then, move on to the methodology, briefly listing all the methods used. It is not necessary to describe each of them in detail.
  • After that, address the main themes. Identify the key points in your work, highlight a few important emphases, and support them with facts. This will create a strong impression and help listeners immerse themselves in the topic.
  • The next step is to move on to the discussion. You need to crystallize the main research findings and provide options for their further implications.

The abstract for a literature review ends, like a full-fledged paper, with conclusions. Unlike a full-fledged research paper, you don’t need to support each of your arguments. Just list them. The reader will find all of your main arguments in the paper.

Create an Excellent Paper With Experts’ Help

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