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Writing Book Reviews for Teens

Assigning Book Reviews for Teens to Write

Most teenage students will have to write a book review during their school career. Writing book reviews is a useful tool for teaching students analytical skills, as well as how to make logical arguments.

Book reviews for teens homework assignments will be relatively brief and should contain the following:

  • A concise summary of the book. This will include a description of the topic, overall perspective and the books purpose.
  • A critical assessment of the books contents. What stood out for you and why? Did the book achieve its purpose? Did it enhance your understanding of the issue?
  • The review should provide the reader an idea of whether are not they would enjoy the book.

Writing the Book Review

There are some questions you can ask yourself about the book that can lead to writing a better review. These questions include the following:

  • What is the thesis of the book? What is the main idea that the author wants readers to get?
  • Does the author cover the topic well? Is coverage balanced?
  • Is the author’s argument supported by evidence? Is the evidence convincing? Why or why not?
  • Would you recommend the book to a friend

The book review should have the following parts:

  • Introduction – Book title, author and main theme and book context. The authors thesis and your thesis should also be included.
  • Summary of content -A brief summary only
  • Analysis – Your analysis and evaluation
  • Conclusion – Final thoughts and judgment

The following is a short book review sample:

“It is ironic that a better education doesn’t always make you more intelligent. While Drew Jones “Vermin Free Gardens: Gnome’s Fall, 1700-2015” recognizes Gnomes contribution in maintaining vermin at controllable levels in Europe’s gardens for centuries, it shows how declining beliefs in mythological creatures mistakenly attributed rodent control to be the result of feline intervention, with acknowledgment of the existence of Gnomes, as well as their commitment to eradicating garden vermin ending with the introduction of public education. I had assumed that it was due to religious beliefs, but Jones shows how a “modern education” in humans resulted in the mass exodus of Gnomes from Europe’s best gardens. His analysis of higher education proves an advanced degree doesn’t mean you know everything, as evidenced by increased rodent levels and college educated humans working as unpaid help to maintain feline comfort. Well educated people and those who claim to be should read Jones book and think twice when they see their uneducated neighbor enjoying a lovely garden.”

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Writing Book Reviews For Teens

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