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Selecting Political Science Literature Review Topics

Selecting the best political science literature review titles can make or break your project. Just as you can see from our example later in this post, your overview must be significant and valuable to contribute to existing knowledge about the subject. You must be able to address a thesis, a significant gap or an issue that relates to the studies that have been done on a particular theme.

The focus of the literature review political science is to deliver the ideas and knowledge that have been established on a particular subject.  It must also be able to address the strengths and weaknesses of those research and studies. These are some reasons students and professionals seek help with writing.

Just like what you can read from an example of political science literature review topics, you should learn how to select a theme for your research. It will help you focus on one subject so that you will be able to discuss what you need in your paper.

Best 100 Politilogy Topics

In the following, let’s check out the latest and most relevant thesis subjects examples that you can choose from if you’re looking to write about interesting and significant politology paper.

Politology Theories
  1. Communitarianism
  2. Marxist theory ‎
  3. Elite theory‎
  4. Cosmopolitan democracy
  5. Civil-military relations
  6. Libertarian theory
  7. Law theories
  8. Curvilinear disparity
  9. Public choice theory
  10. International relations theory‎
  1. Campaigns in politics
  2. News leaks‎
  3. Communication challenges in politics
  4. Propaganda
  5. Catchphrases‎ in politics
  6. Satire in politics
  7. New ways of communication
  8. Correctness in politics
  9. Academic works
  10. Parliamentary committees
Constitutional Law‎‎
  1. Constitutional law in the US
  2. Constitutional amendments
  3. Powers’ separation
  4. Constitutional history
  5. Judicial overlook
  6. Election law
  7. Church and state law
  8. Constitutional case law
  9. Emergency laws
  10. Constitutional law in the UK
  1. Authoritarianism
  2. Hierarchy‎
  3. Myths in politic
  4. Individualism
  5. Social liberalism
  6. Liberalism
  7. Fascism‎
  8. Oligarchy
  9. Social commentary‎
  10. Corporatism
  1. Military-industrial complex
  2. Heterodox economics
  3. Social choice theory
  4. New economy
  5. Economists‎
  6. Economic system
  7. Public services
  8. Economic thought’s history
  9. Cashless society‎
  10. Marxian economics
  1. Territorial entities
  2. Divided regions
  3. Hispanidad‎
  4. Ecology
  5. Separation barriers
  6. Imperialism
  7. Sovereignty‎
  8. Borders
  9. Geopolitics
  10. Nationalism studies
Global Politics‎‎‎
  1. Diplomacy‎
  2. Nordic government
  3. Foreign policy
  4. Global policy organizations‎
  5. Asia Council
  6. Global conflicts
  7. World government
  8. Geopolitics
  9. International relations
  10. Globalism‎
International Relations‎‎‎‎
  1. Diplomatic recognition
  2. International development
  3. Chatham House
  4. Foreign ministers
  5. Diplomacy
  6. Isolationism
  7. International disputes
  8. Anti-national sentiment
  9. Cold War
  10. Bilateral relations
  1. Election law‎
  2. Campaign finance
  3. Funding in politics
  4. Lobbying
  5. Open government‎
  6. Open government
  7. Suffrage‎
  8. Parliamentary procedure‎
  9. Bill 99
Media Studies‎‎‎‎‎
  1. Hyperreality‎
  2. Technology philosophy
  3. Media issues
  4. Connectivity
  5. Popular culture
  6. Aberrant decoding
  7. Media scholars
  8. Television studies
  9. Media studies journals
  10. Media analysis

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