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Top 100 Political Science Literature Review Topics

Selecting the best political science literature review topics can make or break your project. Just as what you can see from our political science literature review example later in this post, your review must be significant and valuable to contribute to existing knowledge about the topic. You must be able to address a thesis, a significant gap or an issue that relates to the studies that have been done on a particular topic.

The focus of the lit review is to deliver the ideas and knowledge that have been established on a particular topic.  It must also be able to address the strengths and weaknesses of those research and studies. These are some reasons students and professionals seek help with writing review of the literature.

As again, this piece of writing should be defined by a guiding principle – either the issue or problem you’re discussing, the research objective or the thesis’ argument. But then, don’t be mistaken that the literature review is only a set of summaries or a list of available materials regarding the topic.

the best political science literature review topics online

Selecting Political Science Literature Review Topics

Just like what you can read from a literature review example political science, you should learn how to select a topic for your research. It will help you focus on one subject so that you will be able to discuss what you need in your paper.

You should look for a strong topic as what you can find in political science literature review sample. But then, it won’t be enough if the topic isn’t something that you really like to discuss in the review. Also, you don’t want to write on a too narrow topic or something with very little research about available.

With this said, you must pick a topic that has enough supporting research, journals and articles. For better results, you might also want to brainstorm, such as writing down some ideas that come into your mind.  From your list, determine which topic is piquing your curiosity.
Remember, this literature review is what you’re going to work and spend time on, so you should not waste your effort for a political science topic that you don’t really like.

Using the list, check up to five literature review topics and think about related themes or concepts. Make some research on those topics you have listed, and then later determine the strongest one. Also, pick one that has enough supporting articles. You should keep refining the topic – and stay away from one that is too general or broad. And then using a statement form, write your topic down.

Regarding the scope, identify it early on. A few elements to look into include:

  • Number of required citations
  • Resources to consult, including peer review journals, trade journals, websites and books
  • Publication date requirement for the literature review
  • Length of the lit review
  • Focus of the review – on a topical issue, theoretical issue or quantitative/qualitative research

Some questions to ask:

  • Who will be interested in this research?
  • What is my research interest?
  • Is the scope too broad or general?
  • Do I have a wide enough scope that will ascertain a niche?

Top 100 Political Science Literature Review Topics

In the following, let’s check out the latest and most relevant political science thesis topics examples that you can choose from if you’re looking to write about an interesting and significant literature review about political science.

Political Science Theories
  1. Communitarianism
  2. Marxist theory ‎
  3. Elite theory‎
  4. Cosmopolitan democracy
  5. Civil–military relations
  6. Libertarian theory
  7. Law theories
  8. Curvilinear disparity
  9. Public choice theory
  10. International relations theory‎
Political Communication‎

  1. Political campaigning‎
  2. News leaks‎
  3. Challenges in political communication
  4. Propaganda
  5. Political catchphrases‎
  6. Political satire
  7. New ways of political communication
  8. Political correctness
  9. Academic works
  10. Parliamentary committees
Constitutional Law‎‎

  1. Constitutional law in the US
  2. Constitutional amendments
  3. Powers’ separation
  4. Constitutional history
  5. Judicial review
  6. Election law
  7. Church and state law
  8. Constitutional case law
  9. Emergency laws
  10. Constitutional law in the UK
Political Culture‎
  1. Authoritarianism
  2. Hierarchy‎
  3. Political myth
  4. Individualism
  5. Social liberalism
  6. Liberalism
  7. Fascism‎
  8. Oligarchy
  9. Social commentary‎
  10. Corporatism
Political Economy‎
  1. Military–industrial complex
  2. Heterodox economics
  3. Social choice theory
  4. New political economy
  5. Political economists‎
  6. Economic system
  7. Public services
  8. Economic thought’s history
  9. Cashless society‎
  10. Marxian economics
Political Geography‎‎
  1. Territorial entities
  2. Divided regions
  3. Hispanidad‎
  4. Political ecology
  5. Separation barriers
  6. Imperialism
  7. Sovereignty‎
  8. Borders
  9. Geopolitics
  10. Nationalism studies
Global Politics‎‎‎
  1. Diplomacy‎
  2. Nordic government
  3. Foreign policy
  4. Global policy organizations‎
  5. Asia Council
  6. Global conflicts
  7. World government
  8. Geopolitics
  9. International relations
  10. Globalism‎
International Relations‎‎‎‎
  1. Diplomatic recognition
  2. International development
  3. Chatham House
  4. Foreign ministers
  5. Diplomacy
  6. Isolationism
  7. International disputes
  8. Anti-national sentiment
  9. Cold War
  10. Bilateral relations
Political Law‎‎‎‎‎
  1. Election law‎
  2. Campaign finance
  3. Political funding
  4. Lobbying
  5. Open government‎
  6. Election law
  7. Open government
  8. Suffrage‎
  9. Parliamentary procedure‎
  10. Bill 99
Media Studies‎‎‎‎‎
  1. Hyperreality‎
  2. Technology philosophy
  3. Media issues
  4. Connectivity
  5. Popular culture
  6. Aberrant decoding
  7. Media scholars
  8. Television studies
  9. Media studies journals
  10. Media analysis

Political Science Literature Review Outline

In order to come up with a good review, you should know how to create an ideal political science literature review outline. In the following, we’ll highlight ways on how to create a good one for your literature review:

  • Introduction: The lit review should have a compelling, concise and clear introduction. It should be able to grab and keep the reader’s attention. This part will provide a quick and general overview of your literature review topic. It will also explain why you think that your topic is significant as well as will provide an easy identifiable thesis statement.
  • Body: This section of your political science literature review will provide an analysis of the literature review topics on political problems.  It will take note any similarities, controversies, issues or differences. Some parts of this section include:
    • The main argument or idea, supporting point with the evidence and supporting point with proof
    • Second main argument or idea with two supporting points, each with evidence
    • Third main argument or idea with first supporting and second supporting point, each with evidence
    • Conclusion
    • Summary of the main points
    • Explanation of the analysis or review significance
    • Restatement of the thesis and ways you used in addressing that in your review

The above explanation of the main parts of the literature review is general. It can have slight changes or alterations based on several factors, such as instruction from the institution, subject or field and other things that might be needed to add in the literature review. So aside from choosing literature review topics for political science, you must also know how to write these parts of the review in order to come up with a relevant and amazing paper that will provide all the necessary details and help for the readers who are going to read your paper.

Selecting sociology literature review topics not so hard when you have a ist of topics to choose from!

Our Political Science Literature Review Example

Below is a sample from our literature writing service that you might want to refer to if you’re looking for an idea on what makes a literature review and ways to present it properly:

professional political science literature review example

A Few Tips to Develop a Good Structure

For more help not just in choosing literature review topics in political science but also in developing an outline, check out the following tips:

  • What are the significant concepts or themes to use in the major subheadings? You must be able to determine these things in order to have a grip on what you’re going to focus on and tackle in the review.
  • How do I form a few subtopics by combining related ideas?  You must be able to focus on the main relationships among these ideas. However, you should not have too many subtopics or you will lose grip of the strength of the literature review.
  • Remember that those general concepts can be presented first.
  • You should be flexible with the outline. There can be some alterations to meet along the way as you progress in your research and writing in order to improve the final results.
  • For help, you might also want to ask help from the experts in writing political science literature reviews.

excellent political science literature review example

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