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Abstract for Literature Review: Ultimate Writing Guide

What Is Abstract for a Literature Review

literature review abstractThe abstract for literature review is a distilled version of the lit overview itself. An abstraction will include the scope, purpose, conclusions, and contents of the larger work. Essentially it is a miniaturized version of the lit overlook with less detail, and the organization of the abstraction will be the same.

Anybody reading the literature review abstract will know exactly what this paper is about. Abstracts are useful for selection and indexing purposes. A reader can quickly determine if they want to read the entire literary reviews by first reading its precis. Abstraction is also used by online databases for indexing of your papers. Writing an abstract for a literature review is important if you want your paper to be read.

tips for literature review abstract

What to Include to the Abstraction Lit Overview?

The information contained in the abstract in literature review will depend to a large degree. The basic information includes:

  • The thesis of the overview
  • The background information to provide context
  • The method used in the reviews
  • A conclusion that was reached

Just check this sample:

“Cloud Computing is a technology that many smaller businesses and companies are adopting due to the advantages it brings. Cloud Computing offers business owners numerous benefits that enable them to remain in operation despite the bad economy. To verify that this is indeed the case, 20 business owners that switched over to Cloud Computing within the last year were selected from a variety of industries. These owners and those in charge of IT operations for the businesses were questioned extensively about their IT operations before and after the implementation of Cloud Computing.

The findings from those surveyed clearly indicated a definite reduction not only in capital expenses but also in operating expenses. Reduction of the IT staff headcount required to monitor the systems, elimination of expenses incurred on software licensing and for data recovery & systems security were some areas where operating expenses were cut. The study clearly indicates that Cloud Computing is of significant importance to small and medium-sized businesses that wish to reduce their running costs yet continue expanding their operations.”

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