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Perfect Literature Review in Law

The most effective literature reviews in law are about a review or work established researchers. Doing a review is critical when you do not know what you should do but when you have a guide, you will never go wrong. There are issues on law that you can present and do not be afraid to write for it. A literature review is a survey of significant and relevant research on certain topics reflecting your knowledge and raising some key questions. Whether your subject area is law or literature review on gender discrimination, it’s an important part of research in showing what you know about the topic.

Important Literature Review in Law Points

A literature review serve a number of many purposes, which include indicating current level of thinking on the topic you choose or about indicating gaps within your knowledge. It is also to give background details to give overview about the topic to readers and showing that you have own grasp on the topic you choose. The aim is to balance your work and the work of others to make a good review as well as evaluation.

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Example of Popular Topics

If you want to know a law literature review example, this page will give you some of the lists to get ideas that you need.

  • Free Speech Internet: Make criticisms on internet on improper use of it of libel law and trademark. Tell about what it causes to the institution and how it brings down costs of the corporate criticism.
  • Attorney’s Fees: There must be a law that will review that effect of Supreme Court decision in Buckhannon case about the wide range of consumer, civil rights, civil liberties litigation with a focus on the FOIA.
  • Federal Civil Rule: Allowing permissive appeals on the decisions of class certifications that took effect in 1998. An informal look about it in the past years.

Whatever law literature review help you choose, you need to make sure that you have own grasp with it. Show your knowledge about the topic and impress the readers.

Literature Review for Law Topics

If you’re getting ready for your literature review in law, you might want to check out this list of topics.

  • Western laws with roots in Sharia law
  • The role of religion in law in a particular country
  • Environmental security in a particular country
  • Judicial attitude to homicide in different countries
  • Parity of judicial attitudes regarding various ethnic groups
  • Discriminatory laws in a particular country
  • Legal attitudes towards divorce
  • More effectively enforcing the law against large corporations
  • The development of legal language
  • Conventional Western financing vs Islamic financing laws
  • Free speech and the Internet
  • Federal Civil Rule 23(f) and its effects
  • A review of Supreme Court reversals
  • Copyright law: is it still effective and how should it be updated for the modern world?
  • Is intellectual property still a viable legal model?
  • Technology transfer: compatibility with existing legal regimes
  • The development of a particular law
  • Taboos and lawmaking
  • Corporate codes of contact
  • Adoption laws: one country vs another
  • Unethical laws in history and what to do when the law and morality conflict
  • The regulation of drones
  • The provisions for child abduction in non-Hague countries
  • The legality of medical leave or lack thereof for pregnant women
  • Bitcoin and the law: how can financial law manage new currencies?
  • The law and the right to peaceful assembly – how can we define peaceful?
  • Unequal sentencing and how to mitigate the effects of bias
  • The media’s influence upon law creation
  • Regulation of campaigning vs free advertising
  • Legal separation of church and state: do we really have it?

Be sure that you get the new and trending topic of the day to ensure that you get many attentions of your readers.