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How to Write the Articles Reviews

Writing a journal article review can be hard and this is an evaluation and summary on a specific topic. There are currently such large numbers of articles in various scientific fields that many scientists welcome a well-done paper. Often the reviewer selects articles relevant to their own studies and research, increasing their own knowledge of the field. Writing a review article can also lend credibility to the reviewers own research. The following are questions that should be asked about before writing:

  • Objectives – What is the purpose of the paper?
  • Theory – Is there a theoretical framework? If not, are any theoretical assumptions made?
  • Concepts -What are the central concepts? Are they clearly defined?
  • Argument – What is the central argument? Are there specific hypotheses?
  • Method – What methods are used to test these?
  • Evidence – Is evidence provided? Is it adequate?
  • Literature – How does the work fit into the wider literature?
  • Contribution – Does the work advance our knowledge of the subject?
  • Style – Is the author’s language clear and concise?
  • Conclusion – A brief overall assessment

After determining the answers to the above you should have an idea about writing an article review for that particular subject, and the approach you will take.

Get a Better Understanding Through These Samples

A research paper analysis is a brief summary and evaluation that gives an overall view of what the paper is about, and an evaluation of the articles contributed to the subject field. Research paper reviews are useful for selecting articles as the reader can quickly determine if the assignment is what they need without reading the entire research work reviewed.

Moreover, you may learn more about the critical literature overview on our site. Our professional writers are well versed in writing science reviews.

Structure of the Articles Overview Writing

The following is a simple but effective way to structure:

  • Abstract – A brief summary of your thesis, the research investigated, and your conclusions.
  • Introduction –Introduce the topic and your thesis and explain why it is significant. Define what the paper will discuss and in what order. Give the author the titles and the year of publication. Indicate the main points you will be discussing.
  • Summary – Provide a brief summary and its contents. Reviews are often relatively brief so usually, only the main themes will be covered.
  • Critical discussion – The author’s argument and position should be made clear before you criticize and evaluate it. Restate your thesis and the purpose. Discuss the conclusions you have drawn and discuss the direction you think new research should take.  Criticisms must be backed up by evidence from the text or other writings.
  • Final Evaluation – your final evaluation.
  • Reference page

Research Paper Examples

By reading this example, you can get ideas on how to write your own research paper:

“Stanley Mead was an Australian philosopher whose 1949 essay tried to define the concept of “feelings”. Psychology and psychiatry had increased in popularity but the elements of what makeup emotions and feelings had not been defined nor was there much research being done in that area. Mead proposed that feelings are characterized by various bodily or mental sensations. In the first section of this paper, Mead identified six distinct conceptions of “feelings.” He began with the common definition of feelings as sensory perception, but he distinguished between instinctual bodily responses that can’t be controlled (feeling cold or feeling an itch) and intentional actions to find something out about an object (feeling the water with a finger to figure out its temperature). Mead also distinguished between feeling bodily sensations and those he considered “mental” sensations, such as sleepy, ill, wide-awake, uneasy, or depressed.

Mead expanded upon the various definitions of “feelings” he advanced in the second and final section of this paper, discussing where the line blurred between each one. While his analysis is largely acceptable, in the entire paper, he never mentions feeling an emotion, such as happy, sad, or angry. This omission could have been intentional or a sloppy oversight. Either way, it weakens Mead’s definition, and he provides no response to the argument that emotions are neither pure bodily states nor pure mental sensations. However, Mead’s work did provide a small push that helped initiate a debate about the nature of emotion.”

Classification, Epidemiology and Natural History of Selonoyicia

“Selonoyicia (SNY) pain affects the populations of countries worldwide. In the United States between 11 and 23% of the adult population suffer from chronic pain or arthritis, approximately 7% report chronic, widespread pain and SNY disorders account for 15% of all work loss days in the country. Other economically developed countries have similar figures. In Australia, 14% of adults report chronic SNY pain, 9% reported chronic, widespread pain and 6% report physical disabilities secondary to SNY illness. In Europe, the prevalence of chronic widespread SNY pain varies between 14 and 20%, and SNY related incidents account for between 16and 22% of work loss days. Of the economically developing countries studied, the prevalence of SNY pain may be even higher, affecting 26-34% of adults in Malaysia and 38% of respondents in Thailand.

Insulitis Syndrome (ITS) is associated with chronic generalized MSK pain, fatigue, and a long list of other complaints. Clinic studies have found ITS to be common in countries worldwide, including economically developing countries such as Mexico and Pakistan. The primary objective of this paper is to analyze the classification, epidemiology and natural history of ITS.”

Tips on Writing a Law Review Article

The following are some tips and suggestions you can use when you writing a law review article:

  • Read some related articles in the field if necessary to see how the reviewed work fits in
  • Make sure to back up criticisms you make with evidence from either the paper you are reviewing
  • Stay objective. Back up what you say with facts, not personal opinions
  • Use a sample needed as a guide if you are new to the analysis process
  • Remain objective
  • Focus on two or three main points rather than trying to cover everything
  • Proofread always

If you have problems with writing the science, literature, psychology analysis – our writing service provides an alternative.

Purpose & Evaluation of the Science Articles

Scientific articles fall into one of three different categories:

  • Original articles – The author presents empirical studies and describes the results of research work for the first time.
  • Re-check articles – Critical reviews of previously published studies.
  • Theoretical articles – Developing new theories from existing research.

This type of article addresses a specific topic by evaluating research that has been conducted by others. Before actually writing a scientific review article the literature must be evaluated by completing the following six steps:

  • Organize the information and relate it to your thesis
  • Synthesize results into a summary of what is and isn’t known
  • Identify gaps in research, controversies, and contradictions
  • Analyze any controversies revealed in research
  • Develop questions for further research
  • Draw conclusions based on your evaluations of current studies

What Is a Purpose of Writing a Scientific Journal Writing Assignment?

When it comes to academic publishing, a scientific journal refers to periodical publication for the purpose of furthering the progress of science, by often reporting new research. Thousands of scientific journals have been published in times past and even in recent times. The majority of this sort of journal are extremely specialized. However, a number of the oldest journals (e.g. Nature) contain scientific papers and articles across various scientific fields. Research results publication is an integral part of the scientific approach or procedure.

If such articles are describing calculations or experiments, they are obliged to provide sufficient details, so that an independent researcher can repeat the calculations or experiments in order to verify outcomes. Such a journal assignment with an example of a literature overview outline would turn out to be an aspect of the permanent scientific entry or record.

Interesting Facts and Outstanding Scientific Journals

Let’s trace back to the history of scientific journals. It dates back to the year 1665. This was the time that the English Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society and the French Journal des Scavans started to systematically publish research results. Now, when it comes to writing a science paper for scientific journals, bear in mind that such articles could be engaged in higher education as well as research papers. The essence of this sort of paper is to enable researchers to stay up to date with trends in their fields, and would at the same time aid the direction of their research.

Journal literature is an essential part of this type of writing. In essence, the citation of earlier work is an integral part of a scientific journal. Often, the articles and journals are assessed based on the number of citations (citation impact). It is important to add that the most current research as well as most difficult to understand topics can be accessed only via scientific journals.

Role of Scientific Journal Articles Overviews

Literature reviews scientific paper is very necessary. When you write this piece, you should endeavor to convey the ideas and knowledge that have been established regarding a topic, including the strengths and weaknesses of the topic in question. Therefore, the role of lit reviews in scientific paper writing would include the following;

  • It aids in the identification and articulation of the similarities between your research work and the literature(s).
  • It provides your research with a context
  • It’s a way of ensuring that the research is being carried out for the first time, or that it’s replicating another study or revealing the gaps in previous researches
  • The lit reviews justify the research
  • A researcher is able to acquire knowledge from the previous theory written on the topic or subject
  • It reveals the suitability of the research with the existing body of knowledge.
  • It shows weaknesses as well as a gap in previous research
  • It shows the value that the work is adding to the scientific field and would aid in refocusing, refining, or altering the topic
  • It shows the sources of your research, including online references.

Reasons to Start Writing Right Now

There’s always the temptation to think there’s enough time when it’s time to write a research paper. Here are the reasons you should start writing now:

  • There’s no time as you think
  • You will have sufficient time to edit and proofread before the deadline
  • You will be able to get others to re-check and provide you with feedback before the submission deadline
  • You will avoid mistakes and generally low-quality outcomes as a result of rushing your work. Submitting your academic paper earlier also helps to prove your commitment and seriousness
  • You can access professional help when you start now, which is always difficult during the rush hours when the hands of these professionals are full of other students they are assisting
  • You will be able to accomplish extensive and quality research when you start far way earlier
  • You may incur more obstacles and even more cost during the rush hours
  • You are most likely to produce an excellent paper if you start now

When it comes to how to write a scientific paper introduction, you should keep in mind that the essence of this aspect of your paper is to highlight the statement of purpose or question you intend to answer in the paper.

Also, you should consider your audience when writing your paper generally. For instance, if the journal articles are intended for a broader reach, you will provide more background information. You should write your results section first before writing your introduction. Finally, pay attention to the recommended format for writing an article review in APA and don’t forget to make a conclusion, just like with writing a capstone project outline.

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