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How to Write an Article Review with Professionals

How to Write an Article Review

How To Write An Article Review With Professionals

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A journal article review is an evaluation and summary of an article on a specific topic. There are currently such large numbers of articles in various scientific fields that many scientists welcome a well done article review. Often the reviewer selects articles relevant to their own studies and research, increasing their own knowledge of the field. Writing good article reviews can also lend credibility to the reviewers own research.

The following are questions that should be asked about the article before writing the review:

  • Objectives – What is the articles purpose?
  • Theory – Is there a theoretical framework? If not, are any theoretical assumptions made?
  • Concepts -What are the central concepts? Are they clearly defined?
  • Argument – What is the central argument? Are there specific hypotheses?
  • Method – What methods are used to test these?
  • Evidence – Is evidence provided? Is it adequate?
  • Literature – How does the work fit into the wider literature?
  • Contribution – Does the work advance our knowledge of the subject?
  • Style – Is the author’s language clear and concise?
  • Conclusion – A brief overall assessment

After determining the answers to the above you should have an idea about how to write an article review for that particular article, and the approach you will take.

Structure of the Article Review

The following is a simple but effective way to structure the article review:

  • Introduction – Identify the article. Give the author, title of the article, title of the journal and the year of publication. Indicate the main points you will be discussing.
  • Summary – Provide a brief summary of the article, its contents, and its article. Article reviews are often relatively brief so usually only the main themes will be covered.
  • Critical discussion – This is the heart of the review. The author’s argument and position should be made clear before you criticize and evaluate it. Criticisms must be backed up by evidence from the text or other writings.
  • Final Evaluation – your final evaluation of the contribution the article made

Use the following tips when writing the article review:

  • Read some related articles in the field if necessary to see how the reviewed article fits in.
  • Stay objective. Back up what you say with facts, not personal opinions.
  • Use a sample article review as a guide if you are new to the review process.
  • Proofread

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