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How to Write a Perfect Research Proposal Literature Review


Purpose of the Research Proposal Literature Review

A research proposal is basically the presentation of your case for being permitted to follow a certain path of research in your subject area. The research proposal will include a literature review, which is your analysis of published works in the subject field. The literature review for research proposal you write should:

  • Show there is a gap in the current available knowledge
  • Demonstrate the importance of filling the knowledge gap you identified
  • Show that the research you propose is the best way to address the need to fill that gap
  • Demonstrate your familiarity and knowledge of the relevant research in the field

Your research proposal literature review is essentially the supporting argument for going ahead with the research. Moreover, it’s worth visiting our site where you may get additional information about literature review layout.

Writing the Research Proposal Literature Review

How To Write A Perfect Research Proposal Literature Review

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The literature review for your research proposal will be judged on literature selection, literature critique and your summary and interpretation of the literature. When writing the literature review focus on the following:

  1. Selection of literature
  • Include the most recent and relevant studies
  • Have enough sources to provide a complete picture
  • Make sure the sources used are properly referenced
  • Use sources written by qualified authorities in the field
  • Include sources that don’t agree with your argument to provide a balanced picture
  1. Critique of the literature
  • Organize your materials based on a logical theme that helps to support your thesis
  • Begin with a general view of the subject area and narrow it down to the specifics
  • Compare studies and highlight any controversies
  • Provide an analysis of methods and study design. Don’t just relate what was done, but provide an evaluation
  • Make sure to show the relevance to your thesis
  1. Summary and interpretation of the literature
  • Provide an overall interpretation of available sources. Not every source can be included but every view should be represented
  • Clearly show how your own research is justified
  • Show why you chose your research design

Some common mistakes made when writing research proposal literature reviews include:

  • Not staying focused on the research question.
  • Failure to cite sources or citing sources incorrectly
  • Not including those sources with views that differ from your own.

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