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How to Write a Good Economic Literature Review


An economic literature review help is an overview of your research on certain topic and some answers related to the research questions. One of the main good attribute of the review is that it must be well structured.

Good Structure for Economic Literature Review

economic literature reviewHere is a good structure for your economic review so that you can finish it magnificently. If you have a good structure, you can present a good paper because all the information are organized and not cluttered.

  • An introduction
  • Review of past and present literature that is related to the purpose of your research
  • Clarification of purpose of your study
  • General hypotheses to be tested

economics reviewYour economic review will start with introduction that discusses your topic, concepts and terms. You also need to describe the scope as well as organization of your review. You might want to use the funnel format or the two topics format in writing your paper. Both the formats include identification of key topics that will be covered in your review.

Economics Review Example

Check out this economics review example to know how other people write their review and how it is structured depending on what they want to include and what they want to discuss to readers.

Finnish and German Power Sector Case Studies

The research showed that carbon trading market become essential factor of enterprises especially on decision of investing to energy technology. The study on EU ETS on German electricity showed that there was empirical evidence about the effects of it to corporate investment decisions.

Investment Evaluation Methodology

Power generations employ the so-called discounted cash flow model in evaluating economic merits of technology options. They also employ the DCF approach wherein all power generation costs are discounted.

Technology Choice and Investment Timing

Technology choice and investment timing are principal interest not only to the policy makers but also to numerous market participants. Because of non-storage nature of the electricity, investment is crucial in ensuring balance between future and supplied demand expectations.


Investments when it comes to low carbon technologies are the decision process and capital intensive for future pricings of electricity markets.

In addition, you are free to look through literature review in law for more information, we’ve prepared for you.

Economics Literature Review Topics

If you’re stumped for your economics literature review topic, check out our list.

  • The effects of the recession on advertising
  • Do the benefits of college still outweigh the costs on average?
  • Globalization and its impact on an industry of your choice
  • Small scale industries in developing nations
  • The economic effect of GMOs
  • Should minimum wage be a living wage?
  • The effect of student debt on the economy
  • An analysis of welfare reform issues
  • The Trickle-down effect: fact or myth?
  • Are our economic resources distributed appropriately to our needs?
  • The economic relationship between “first world” and “third world” countries
  • Has the 2008 market collapse passed or are we still in recession?
  • Scarcity: is it real and does it imply tradeoffs or redistribution of wealth?
  • Marginal analysis: a good way of making decisions, or not?
  • Health care prices and the economy
  • Environmental concerns vs economic concerns: how can they be reconciled?
  • Banks or credit unions – which is better for the economy and the consumer?
  • Do we need banks?
  • Should private property be capped?
  • How will minimum wage raises impact the economy?
  • The economic choices of those in poverty
  • The economics of disease and death
  • Can large charities solve real problems?
  • Why is the world economy downsliding despite quantitative easing?
  • Is poverty inevitable?
  • Is the world food crisis a lack of food or a lack of proper infrastructure for distribution?
  • The impact of privatization in a particular field on economic markets
  • Government spending and economic growth
  • What is hegemony and what are the causes?
  • Economics of pharmaceutical market

There you have it some tips and an example of economic literature review that serve as your guide. If you still want to know more, make a research on the internet.

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