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How to Make a Effective Literature Review Map

Tips on How to Make a Literature Review Concept Map

Literature map is a way to graphically show different relationships between literary texts and are useful in identifying areas where they on the same topic agree and disagree. When many different pieces of writings are involved it is especially useful and makes visualizing relationships and connections easier. Literature review map is also versatile and can be adapted so that it may also be used to analyze individual literary works such as novels. The principles involved are still the same as when performing a lit overview of many works. You can find our example above.

The lit chart is still used to show relationships and connections between ideas. Whether it is being used to analyze a novel or as a way to help organize a paper, lit mapping can be modified to focus on only one concept or to take in the work as a whole.

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A literature review concept map is an excellent tool when used correctly. The following are the basic steps on how to create it:

  • Expand your work – Supporting ideas, in turn, may spawn further secondary supporting ideas. Your main idea has several supporting ideas. The supporting ideas, in turn, have other ideas that support them. For example, the main idea, A is true because of supporting idea B and B is true because of its supporting idea C so that including C strengthens the position taken on A. These secondary supporting ideas can then be linked with branches to the original supporting ideas and keywords added to those branches. Expand and make connections until there are sufficient supporting points or there are no further relevant connections.
  • Add keywords – Keywords can now be added to the connecting branches that provide an explanation of the relationship between the main idea and each supporting idea linked to it. Basically, this explanation is how the supporting idea backs up the main idea. This visual representation can help you to see similarities between supporting ideas you not have noticed before.
  • Write down concepts that support your position – With a thesis statement, you have adopted a stance. The concepts or points you write down now are the reasons why you have adopted this position. They should be connected to the main topic by branches that connect supporting ideas to the main idea.
  • Identify a question or theme – In a mind map literature review, it may be a thesis statement or a theme you want to address in a novel. The theme/question identified is your main idea and should be fairly broad so that you don’t limit the number of relationships that you are able to make as you develop your chart. The main idea should be written down.
  • Try various groupings – After initially identifying different relationships, try grouping supporting ideas based on how they are related to determine the best way to present your position.

tips on how to make a literature map

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