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Best Tips On How To Do A Review Of Literature In Research Paper


What the Review of Literature in Research Papers Should Do

The literature review for dissertation assignments has several purposes. It is not just a summary of literature that has been written in the subject area. Some of what the research literature review should do includes:

  • Compare and contrast different authors views and opinions
  • Critique different methodologies that have been used in the research conducted
  • Note any areas where there is a disagreement between authors
  • Point out any gaps in existing research in the field
  • Highlight the best of those studies in the subject area
  • Show how your research relates to previous studies and to the literature in general

Ultimately all of the above serves to justify the need for your own research project, and show how your research fills the need that you have shown.

Suggestions for Writing a Review of Literature in Research

The success of your research paper will depend on how well you have reviewed other literature in the field. The following tips can be useful when writing a review of literature in research papers:

  • Make sure to include literature that has opinions that differ from your own. Not including opposing opinions weakens your own thesis. Include opposing literature so that you can address the differences.
  • Have a logical organization to your review. The literature you review may be organized by method, in chronological order or around a particular issue or idea. Having a logical organization makes it easier for the reader to follow.
  • Use a range of critical review language. Critical review language may be information prominent, weak author prominent or author prominent. Avoid starting too many sentences with the author’s name.
  • Make sure you have provided proper citations for all of the literature sources that you have used.
  • Don’t just summarize the literature in your review. The literature review should be your analysis and assessment of the literature.
  • Allow plenty of time for literature research and writing. Some students consider the literature review a necessary evil that has to be tacked on to their paper, and underestimate its importance.

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