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Best MLA Format Literature Review Help

Why Literature Review MLA is Important?

The lit reviews are a very important part of any research paper and at times even a task that will set you in isolation to any further research. Conducting MLA literature review format and documenting it, however, are far from easy and it takes an enormous amount of time and of course skill.

This example will give you an idea of how to layout your MLA literature review to ensure that it meets all of the requirements of the needed format but as to the content, it may just confuse you further. You have to be very careful when using any examples if you are going to use it successfully to help you with writing.

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How to Use the Samples Correctly?

A quick search online will turn up a lot of templates, however, an example that you will find will be focused around a subject other than what you are specifically researching unless you are very lucky. Even if you do find one around your specific subject area you will not be able to copy it as that would be plagiarism and strictly against all of the academic rules.

All that you can use such samples for is to show you how it should be formatted and to give you some ideas as to how the content should be organized and written. Never copy any example you find, just use what you see as a guide for how to write a literature review MLA.

10 Tips on How to Cite Correctly in MLA Style

  • Just as in the MLA format literature review example, start your Works Cited page using another page and at the end of the paper.
  • The margin of the Works Cited page must have the same one-inch margins as well as page number header, last name and the page no header.
  • You must double-space all the citations, however, never skip spaces between your entries.
  • Label the Modern Language Association reference page and the center “Works Cited” at the page’s top – without any quotation marks and not italicized.
  • You must indent the lines from the second line of the citations onwards only by half an inch for a hanging indention.
  • You need to list down the page numbers of your sources.
  • If you’re using a publication or article, which was originally in a printed form but you have derived from an online source, type the name of the online source in ITALICS.
  • If using online sources, you must include the exact location of the source so that readers can easily find it.   There are many scholarly databases, which are using a digital object identifier. You may use it in your Modern Language Association citation if possible.
  • Remember that each of the works cited must end with a period.
  • Regarding capitalization, you should capitalize every word in the title of the book or article, etc, but you don’t need to capitalize – a, an, the…, as well as conjunctions unless they are the first word in the subtitle or title itself.

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