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Will Your Literature Reviews Focus on a Topical Issue?


how to start a literature reviewThere are many ideas and trends about literature review that you can focus on. In writing, it is essential that you focus on a topical issue so that it will be up to date and for the readers to be more informative about it. Here are some hot topics that you can deal with and discuss.
There you go some of the issues you choose from if you need to write literature reviews. On the other hand, if you are looking for ways on how to make the lit review, here are some tips that will help you in writing.

Sample of Literature Review Topics

literature reviewsKnowing sample of a literature review topic will help you a lot to get started and you need to make sure that you know some of it. Here are topical issues that you can choose from to construct a wonderful review of your own.

  • Great Legalization Debate
  • Stanley Cup: Psychological Effects
  • Chocolate: What are its Health Benefits
  • Discovery of Iceman
  • Black and Green Tea: Beneficial Effects
  • Ghosts of Past, Hopes of Future

Tips on How to Start a Literature Review

  • Problem formulation: You need to choose what topic or field you want to examined. You also need to know what are its component issues
  • Literature search: You need to find essential materials that are relevant to your chosen subject and make sure to explore.
  • Data evaluation: Determine which literature will make a significant contribution on the understanding of your topic.
  • Analysis and interpretation: Make sure to discuss the findings as well as the conclusion of the pertinent literature.
  • Broad issues and background: Start by establishing the background or the context for argument. Be sure to conveys to readers what ideas and knowledge you established on your topic.
  • Theme of research: Narrow your focus and discuss the literature that aligns to your focus. Provide an overview of your literature that is related to your theme or themes of research.
  • Direct relevance: Spend enough time in discussing your sources and finding which are relevant to the study. It will allow the reader on where did you get the sources and how it contributed to your research.

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When you know tips on how to start a literature review, start to find your own topic and begin your research now.

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