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List of 50 Good Criminal Justice Literature Review Topics

Criminal Justice Literature Review Writing

Professional literature review writing service has prepared a list of great criminal justice literature review topics for you. It will help you write a good literature review, which is both an explanation and summary of the current and complete knowledge and study on a limited topic in journal articles and academic books. Like what you will find in an example of a criminal justice literature review, the perspective and focus on the review will be based on the kind of review you’d be writing.

expert guide on how to write an excellent lit review for criminal justice

How to Write an Excellent Lit Review for Criminal Justice

As you can see in the criminal justice literature review sample, there are certain steps that you need to follow in writing the literature review in criminal justice. Check out the following criminal justice literature review writing process in steps to help you get started:

  • Look for a working topic based on your study area. You must consider those that interest you as well as what is the significant ground to study about. In addition, you might want to talk to your professor. Also, you might want to brainstorm and read about current issues and lecture notes.
  • Use relevant computer databases and search using keywords. By using recent reviews and recent articles, you might be able to come up with a valuable paper. You should also try to include some studies, which can be contrary to your point of view.
  • Focus on your topic and choose resources. If you want to learn how to write an excellent lit review for criminal justice, you should answer certain questions that will help you determine resources, articles, journals and other references in your review. Some of these include the following:
    • Your interest
    • Other people’s interest
    • Research time span
    • Significance of the study
  • Read and evaluate resources thoroughly. Check your resources and evaluate them well. Look for some assumptions that many researchers have been making on the subject. Find the methodologies that they have used as well as subjects, procedures and materials being tested. Find the research findings as well as conclusions and be ready to evaluate and synthesize them. Also, take note of experts in the subject, including labs and names, which are referenced often. Take note of any conflicting results, theories and methodologies.
  • Develop your working thesis. What conclusion have you reached? Write up to two sentences that summarize the developments and major trends seen in the studies done on the subject. Sort out selected papers and check for patterns:
    • You should also develop some subtopics at this point
    • You must take note of things, including findings contested or common
    • Influential theories
    • Up to three important research trends
  • Organize your literature review. You should develop the headings and subheadings at this point. You should look for a large table surface if the lit review is extensive, and then put filing cards or post-it notes in order to organize the findings discovered under the different categories. If you think that you need to establish new topic headings or the categories fit better under different headings, you can move them around.
  • Write the paper’s body. You should follow the plan and make sure that every section will link to one another.  In addition, see to it that you’ve divided the sections by subtopics or themes.
  • Consider the analysis made. Check your writing and see that you focused on the review. At each paragraph, look at the main idea or topic sentence. Reading them yourself, do you think that you have presented a clear position in your paper? And is it logically arranged? Avoid the same mistake committed by some students in writing the review. If you think that you didn’t critically review the selected paper/s, you must create a new outline according to what you’ve said in every paragraph or section of your paper. Decide if you have to add new information or restructure the entire paper.

Discover Literature Review of Criminal Justice Topics

  • Prison Conditions
  • Sex Offenders
  • Criminality causes
  • Racial Profiling
  • Restorative Justice
  • Civil Rights
  • Sexual Crimes
  • Prisoner Abuse
  • Patriot Act & Privacy
  • Recidivism
  • Mental Health
  • Competing justice’s definitions
  • Criminology
  • Prison Writing
  • Domestic Violence

List of 50 Good Criminal Justice Literature Review Topics

good criminal justice literature review topics

Common Problems and Tips Writing Literature Review in Criminology

What are the common errors in writing the literature review in criminology? Aside from not selecting a literature review of criminal justice topics well, some students commit other errors or encounter problems in writing their review:

  • Emotional phrases: If you’re using too many emotional phrases, your review won’t be effective. Always remember that your purpose of writing the review is to present available thought or knowledge on the topic. It only means that you must not be subjective in writing the review. You should not use emotions in this paper.
    • Injecting personal opinions in the review is unacceptable because you’re supposed to offer an unbiased display of available research and thought around your topic. It should not be subjective, but objective.
  • Plagiarizing: You don’t just choose original criminal justice lit review topics but also write a unique paper.
    • For example, you should not list direct quotations without referenced page numbers.
  • Writing the author’s first and last name inside the text: When discussing researchers and authors inside the paper, don’t use their first and last name but only the last name, which must be followed by the study’s publication year, if using the APA style.
  • Adding long URLs in the study’s body: This is another common mistake and trouble of some students in writing the literature review aside from choosing wrong topics for criminal justice literature review. You should not commit the same mistake, but then, you must mention the source with the author’s last name and then next to it is the year of the study’s publication. You must insert the URL in the reference section under the specific reference to that citation.
  • Review structure issues: Another mistake is not giving a definition or background section. It happens when some students are forgetting to insert a pre-literature review part, which will provide relevant background info together with terms’ definition. By not defining these things, you will alienate your readers especially if you’re looking to publish your work.

But when trying to define concepts, you must not offer too many definitions or you will confuse your readers. You must keep this section simple as well as only cite common definition for relevant concepts or terms.

Example of a Criminal Justice Literature Review

good example of a criminal justice literature review

Criminal Justice Literature Review Sample

Aside from choosing good criminal justice literature review topics, you should also think about how the paper would look and how to format it. Our sample will help you come up with a good literature review on criminal justice.  Some of the things to consider include:

The introduction It will explain or discuss the focus of the paper as well as will also establish the significance of the subject. It will also explain the work that has been studied. In addition, it will identify any controversies within the recent research or field that has raised any questions that exist in the available earlier assumptions.
The body This section will be divided into headings and subheadings. It will also summarize and evaluate the present field knowledge. The body will also define major topics or themes along with findings and patterns.
The conclusion It will summarize the evidence used, showing its significance. But if you’re doing the literature review to make your research, it should be able to highlight any gaps. It must also indicate how previous studies have lead to the research project as well as selected methodology. Take note of this aside from choosing good literature review topics for criminal justice.

How to Write an Excellent Lit Review for Criminal Justice? Get an Expert Help

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excellent criminal justice lit review topics to choose

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