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How to Write the Best English Literature Review


english literature reviewIn writing the English lit review, it is essential to identify, analyze as well as interpret all key themes in previous studies that are related to your topic. You need to describe every contribution of each study in chronological sequence. Be sure that you make connections with it so that you can able to justify your research. It is essential to show gaps or limitations in existing research.

A literature review will enable the person to demonstrate his knowledge about previous work in the field. It can be one or more chapters and in writing the paper, you need to show some necessary things such as:

  • Show gaps in research
  • Justify own research
  • Demonstrate understanding about the field
  • Generate new research hypotheses
  • Place own research in the context
  • Summarize as well as evaluate past research
  • Show similarities and differences in the previous research
  • Provide overview of controversies in part research

A Good Example of English Literature Online

english literature revisionWhen you check example of English literature online, there are lots. Knowing some samples will help you a lot. You will know that you need to have an introduction of your topic, which defines what it is all about, some concepts and terms. You also need to have a body that will make connections on what to write, and then arrive at a conclusion about what you have written about and discussed.

  • Chronologically: The easiest way to structure your literature review is to begin to discuss what it is all about. You should start chronologically like listing the references from the most recent.
  • Relationship to your own work: Structure your review by how it is related to references of your work. Begin it by discussing the articles that are related to your worn and finish it with how it is closely related.
  • Theme: Organize your literature review, e.g. biology literature review with using theme. Make sure to keep the theme discrete and link them together.

When you are done writing your review, you need to do English literature revision to check for mistakes and errors. Make sure that you get rid of all mistakes in your review so that it will be easy to read.

If you want to write the best literature review, do an extensive research, check other reviews and relate it to your topic.

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