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How to Write a Reading Response Fast

how to write a reading responce tips

What Is a Reading Response?

how to write a reading response onlineReading responses are essays written to explain what you think about a piece of text that you have been asked to read. This could be a paper or a whole book. This is a common assignment that is set to many students and will typically seek out answers to the following questions from the writers of the reading response;

  • Do you like what has been written?
  • Do you agree with what has been written?
  • What did you learn from the writing?
  • Do you understand the purpose of the author in writing the text?
  • Does the writing relate to you in any way?
  • Does the writing agree with your personal views?

reading responses helpOf course you are not going to be expected to just answer these points with simple yes or no answers and this is not an exhaustive list of what you could write about within your reading response. You will have to explain your answer and justify it carefully. With any reading response you are seeking to show that you are able to clearly show how the work that you have just read is both understood by you and you can articulate how it makes you feel and think. This can be a very open task and many students find it one that can be difficult to start unless they can come up with a clear angle or thesis about which they can write.

Tips on How to Write a Reading Response

Writing a reading response is not easy for many students but the following are some simple tips that will help you with your task;

  • Read the text very carefully and make comprehensive notes; the better your notes and analysis of the text at this stage the easier it will be to write your response. Ensure that you fully understand what you are reading, carefully read it and make notes about how it makes you feel, how it is written, what the purpose was and so forth.
  • Find a thesis statement or angle for your response; your response needs to have a focus so you need to develop your thesis statement carefully so as to guide your writing within your response. Ensure that your thesis statement is interesting and that you can support it from what you have just read.
  • Develop an outline of your response; most response essays will follow a standard essay format with your introduction, main arguments (body) and your conclusion. Write a simple outline with short notes to
    • Introduction; Introduce what you have read ensuring that you provide the authors name and the title of the work you are writing about. Provide a brief outline of what the text is about and state your thesis. Your thesis is what you want to prove about what you have just read.
    • Main body; provide 3-4 supporting arguments for your thesis. Select relevant quotations from the work to support your arguments and also real world experiences that are relevant if required. Answer how, why and what you feel about what you have just read.
    • Conclusion; show how the arguments have proved your thesis and make any final personal comments
  • Use your outline to write your reading response and ensure that you focus on your personal opinions of what you have read. Use relevant examples from the text and don’t be afraid to relate them to your own personal experiences to make a point.
  • Proofread the text very carefully to ensure that your writing is completely free of any errors with spelling, punctuation and grammar. Don’t be afraid to rewrite different sections or even your whole response to ensure that it is well written and answers the questions set by your tutor.

Remember that you reading response is your personal views and feelings so you should not ever copy what other people have written or steal their ideas as your own.

We Can Help You Write Your Reading Response

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