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How to Make a Literature Review with Memory Ideas


how to make a literature reviewMany people do not know how to write a good, successful and exemplary lit review, what are the requirements and the most common mistakes that you better avoid, and when you are one of them, here are good advices that you should learn right now. The review and proofreading are one of the difficult things that you are required to do. Here are some good advices you should not forget.

Advice in Doing a Literature Review

  • Write the introduction: In doing a literature review, you need to write the introduction. It must identify or define the topic issue. You also need to give appropriate context. Aside from this, pointing out trends about the topic or theory conflicts is essential. You also need to establish the reason of the write for the literature review. Make an explanation about the criteria that will be used, comparing and analyzing.
  • Writing the body: In the body of your literature review, it is important that you have done research studies and you able to find some reviews, articles, case studies and theoretical studies. You also need to find out approaches of quantitative and qualitative as well as conclusions of authors. It is also important to summarize individual articles or studies with little detail according to comparative importance in literature. Do not also forget that you give the reader a strong start in the beginning of your paragraphs.
  • Writing the conclusion: In the conclusion, you need to summarize all the major contributions of articles and studies that you conducted. You also need to maintain a focus and as much as possible, evaluate the current state of your review by pointing out the major methodological gaps or flaws of your research. Present also about the inconsistencies in findings and theory as well as issues and areas. Conclude by giving insight about relationship between central topics of your literature review.

If you want to know how a review looks like, you can check out a good literature review sample for example dissertation literature review because it will help you a lot on what you will do and what you will consider.

Finally, if you know what you will do, you need to start writing your literature review so that you will still have enough time in making changes when necessary!

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