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Book Review Examples for You


Use Book Review Examples to Improve Your Skills

A good method of learning how to write book reviews is by looking at those others have written. In this way, you can pick up ideas from other reviewers. The following are two critical book review examples.

Example 1

critical book review“Behind Closed Doors by Ngaire Thomas is an inside look at the Exclusive Brethren. Ngaire Thomas, was born into the church in the 1940s and left in the 1970s. Ngaire Thomas’ book is compelling and non-judgmental. She acknowledges the Exclusive Brethren’s right to follow their chosen religious path even as she describes her own experiences. There are some weaknesses in the book. The structure needs polishing, and while the author answers many questions, she raises even more. Why, for example, is the most serious abuse limited to only a few passing sentences? Nevertheless the book provides a valuable and absorbing window into a religion that is for most of us inaccessible.”

Example 2

“Under the Shadow highlights Seed’s clear expertise and academic credentials. Under the Shadow expects readers to have knowledge of Cold War literature, history, stories, and film from the start. However, Under the Shadow is a book that combines a variety of disciplines with expertise and has interesting things to say. One walks away from the book with a new found appreciation how complex the times and situation were.”In Under the Shadow: The Atomic Bomb and Cold War Narratives, David Seed uses film, science fiction, and other cultural mediums from the early twentieth century onward to highlight Cold War narratives and various historical trends. His collection and analysis of these specific narratives illustrate a variety of tensions that, he argues, are imbedded in those of the Cold War era. His work illustrates specific narratives pertinent to Cold War literati and historical scholarly enthusiasts.”

Book review examples that provide an analysis and evaluation of the book are said to be critical book reviews.

The following are two newspaper book review examples:

Example 1

newspaper book review“Ron Elgin is a lucky man, a fact he is well aware of. He has always been fortunate to have intelligent people around him who were also innovative. The list includes the man who first had the idea they should start their own ad agency, David Syferd, his business partner. “Huckster” tells the story of that agency and how Ron figured into its success. Elgin Syferd was a powerhouse ad agency for 30 years after being established in 1981. Rons luck also manifested itself in his marriage to Bonnie who kept him in line.

The honesty Ron shows about his business, his mistakes, what he learned, and the humor he adds to it kept me entertained. Anyone in business, especially those involved in advertising or seeking a career in it, will be able to appreciate the stories and lessons. Huckster would make a good read for somebody entering the business world as well as anyone who just likes a good story”

Example 2

“In Night Shadows by Theodore Jerome Cohen, Deputy Coroner Michael Antonetti has no doubt that murder and not suicide was the cause of death of a body recently found. Connecting the evidence from a similar case, Detective Louis Martelli, Detective Sean O’Keeffe, and IT Specialist Missy Dugan join forces in their relentless determination to discover the identity of a serial killer after two out of the three high school football heroes known as The Flying Horsemen are killed.

Theodore Cohen raises awareness of the problems of teen rape and sexual abuse in the United States and of the devastating long-term impact of the emotional trauma and shame experienced by victims of rape and their families. Cohen combines a creative imagination with an excellent sense of investigative reporting and knowledge of police procedures, with insight into human nature in his book Night Shadows. Good job Cohen.”

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Book Review Examples

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