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The citations for 2013 to 2017, reference lists, and grammatical presentations with are absolutely fantastic. It is a job well done. I am using the final draft right now to complete my own Lit review to be submitted.

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Best Medical Literature Review Format


Does Your Medical Literature Review Format Need to Be Right?

medical-literature-review-format-structureYour literature review is there to provide an overview of all of the important information that has already been published around your topic area and to give context to your own research. As with all other parts of your proposal or research paper it must be completed perfectly in correct academic English and also formatted perfectly. Your paper will need to be spot on if it is to be accepted, anything wrong could see it returned to you for revisions or even rejected.

But achieving the correct standard is not always easy, many students at all stages in their education will find that they struggle with writing their medical literature review and getting it correctly structured and formatted. This is why you will want to use our help. For more than 5 years we have been providing lit review writing help to students in all subject areas. Through our superior services we are confident that you will be able to submit a unique and perfectly formatted paper.

Conducting Your Literature Research

professional-medical-literature-review-structureThe first step in doing your research is always to try to nail down the topic area in which you will conduct your actual research. Often this can be found by reviewing research in areas in which you have a real interest. These papers will provide you with areas in which research is still required or highlight areas within which what has been written is potentially flawed or weak. Once you have identified your specific topic and your intended research then you can get to doing your review of the existing literature and research.

The following are some simple tips for getting the most from your research:

  • Do not try to do all of your research online; use the library to find relevant medical research and other literature including journals and other sources of information.
  • Trace all research back to the original primary source rather than reporting “second hand information”.
  • Make clear and concise notes of what you are reading; collect everything that is required for your references and citations, decide if the writing is objective, and if it is persuasive.
  • Review author’s credentials; are they credible? Do they support their claims with real evidence? What other research have they conducted?

Your Medical Literature Review Structure

Writing a literature review is not easy but the following should help you to understand how you should structure your review:

  • The Introduction:
    • Clearly define your topic area and the context within which you are doing your research
    • Provide the reasons for your literature review
    • Explain how your lit review is organized and written
    • Show the scope of your literature review with regards to what is and is not covered
  • Main body:
    • Should move from a wide view of your subject area down to the specific focus of your research
    • Show the relationship between the topic area and the subject as a whole
    • Should be organized according to common themes
  • Conclusion:
    • Summarize the important points from the existing literature
    • Evaluate what the current state of the literature is
    • Show where there are gaps or flaws in the existing knowledge
    • Show the areas for study
    • Show how your research links to the existing knowledge

We Can Help Write Your Medical Literature Review

If you want to ensure that your MLA literature review is perfectly formatted and written then our experts are here to help you. We provide our support through tutors that hold relevant medical post graduate degrees ensuring an expert knowledge of your research area. They have many years of experience with writing literature reviews and are highly familiar with all that has been written in your field.

All work is fully tested for plagiarism and also proofread so you can be sure that it is error free and unique. We also ensure that your formatting is spot on before your receive your final lit review all within your deadline.

If you want your medical literature review format correct and the content well written just contact our affordable and reliable services here today!

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