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Performing a Literature Search

Literature search is an important part of writing a literature review. It will be the first step you take once you have selected a topic to write on. It is necessary in order to review existing opinions and theories on a topic and to identify the most current research. It is also useful for identifying gaps in research as well as getting ideas for research methods and models that you can apply on your own project. A literature search can be broken down into several stages as follows:

  • Background reading and preparation – Read some general background material on the topic such as a textbook or from an encyclopedia. There are usually some good references provided and it is necessary that you become familiar with terminology related to the topic.
  • Identifying the resources to search – Are there well known authors in the field? Are there well known studies of the subject? These are two good places to start. There are many different data bases both subject specific and multiple subject that you can search, as well as the internet in general. Many universities have very good data bases available for students.
  • Search using different techniques – Search using subject specific terms, and with those terms using different endings. Linking terms and using phrases can provide more specific results.
  • Collating search results – Organize your results. This can be in order of importance, by method used, or something else. Make sure you keep good records of all of the resources you gather.

A literature search may take a great deal of time. Some students use literature search services when they don’t have the time to do a search themselves.

Using Literature Search Services

Many literature search services can be located on the internet. Often literature review services will offer search services as well. Many search services have access to a large number of data bases that the average student might not. A good literature search service should provide the following:

  • Custom researches – A thorough search of various data bases and literature should be made, to get the most up to date information. Depending on your needs they should provide references from those holding different opinions if there is controversy in the field.
  • Documentation of references – Reference materials should be accompanied by complete and proper documentation.
  • Experienced researchers – Good research takes quite a bit of skill. A researcher must know which data bases are best for which subject, where to go for the most recent information, and how to use different search terms to produce the best results among other things.

Our company offers literature search services and literature review services on virtually any subject.

Use Our Literature Search Services

Our writers and researchers are experienced professionals with extensive experience in literature review. All writers/researchers we use have college degrees, many at the masters and PhD level. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds which enables us to assign projects to those with a degree in the subject area. Additional advantages of using our service include the following:

  • Guarantees that all services we provide will completely satisfy all of your requirements and be delivered on time.
  • Affordable rates that will suit a student’s budget
  • Customer support 24/7 to address questions and concerns
  • Easy online order and payment process

When you need literature search services, contact us for the best literature search services available!

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