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Best Approaches To Writing A Literature Review For A Dissertation


The Purpose of Writing a Literature Review for a Dissertation

A dissertation paper will include a literature review of research done in the subject field. The literature review has several purposes including the following:

  • Justifies your research – Shows that the work you are doing, hasn’t been done before and is original. It also shows the need for the research you are doing, that you are knowledgeable in the field and familiar with its major works and arguments.
  • Helps to develop your thesis position – Identifies controversy and difference of opinions in the subject area, and shows that your research is valid and may resolve some issues.
  • Shows where your research fits with that which has already been done.

The dissertation literature review may be approached in several different ways. However you choose to approach the review, it is best to include both literature that agrees with your research as well as that which may have differing views from yours. Including only literature that supports your thesis, may actually harm it, as it could be interpreted that you don’t have a response to those who disagree with you. A good literature review will address the issues, not avoid them.

Different Approaches for Writing a Literature Review for a Dissertation

A literature review is made up of three main parts:

  1. Introduction – Identify the topic of concern to provide a context for why you are reviewing the literature.
  2. Body – Analysis and synthesis of the literature you are reviewing
  3. Conclusion – Summarize major contributions, point out flaws and gaps in research, and show how it relates to the position your research takes.

The introduction and conclusion will usually stay the same regardless of your approach. The organization of the body is where an approach may differ. The organizing methods that are most often used are:

  • Chronological – Shows how the area of study changed and developed over time.
  • Thematic – Literature reviews organized around a particular theme or idea.
  • Methodological – Reviews organized based on the methods the authors of the literature used in their research.

Your approach when writing a literature review for a dissertation may be decided on before ever beginning the literature review, and your literature research will be focused on literature that fits your approach. Often, the organization is only determined after completing your literature search and reading the various sources. At that time it may become obvious which method will work best in your paper. If you are having problems writing a literature review for a dissertation, our company provides a service that can help.

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