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120 Sociology Literature Review Topics

What is literature review in sociology? Just as how important is to choose sociology literature review topics, you should also know what this type of literature review is so that you will learn the best ways on how to write a literature review sociology. Writing a sociology literature review APA, you must also know that this paper can be a brief introduction of a report, policy paper or a research article, focusing on recent research. It can also be an extensive review of relevant studies in the cases of theses, dissertations or review articles.

Just as what you can see in a sociology literature review example, this paper offers an overview of recent or previous topic research, classifying, evaluating or comparing materials already published about the topic. But if you need more help, you can also ask for our write my literature review service.

great sociology literature review topics to choose

How to Write a Literature Review in Sociology – Your First Steps

Later, we’ll discuss the lit review sociology format, but for now, let’s deal with the first steps in writing the paper:

  • Check the APA guidelines to become familiar with the main elements on how to write in this style. Review and pay close attention to the guidelines, including margins and title page.
  • Choose from one of the sociology topics for a literature review. You can refer to our list below for that.
  • Determine the lit to review. Check some sources, including databases relevant to your study field. You must redefine the topic if needed. Look for classic or landmark studies for a little framework or context.
  • Review the literature. When you have located the articles or ideas for a sociology literature review, you can analyze and organize these sources before writing. For help, you can group the articles into topics/subtopics. In the review, you can choose useful quotes, note strengths and weaknesses, look for major patterns or trends, and locate gaps. You should also look for relationships among these studies. Stay on the topic. Evaluate the references for coverage and currency.
  • Summarize your work using a concept map or table format. Check for samples of tables related to your paper as well.
  • Synthesize the lit before writing it. With the summary tables, make an outline of the final review. Take note of these as well.
    • What is your voice and purpose before writing?
    • Think of how to reassemble the notes.
    • Make a topic outline tracing your outline.
    • Reorganize the notes based on the argument path.
    • Plan relevant theories and talk about how individual studies are relating to and advancing the theory.
  • Write the review. Explain why the topic is relevant. Talk about other lit reviews on your topic.  You can also refer the reader to other reviews. Do not make long lists of non-specific references. In the review section, cite all the relevant references.
  • Create a coherent essay. You should have a conclusion at the review’s end.
  • Check the argument flow in order to look for coherence.

Our Sociology Literature Review Example

To discover how to conduct a literature review sociology, you can check out the following example from our team. This will give you an idea how to write your literature review as well as provide you a reference on what to include in an outline. The literature review in sociology sample will also give you a brief look at the content of a review.

excellent sociology literature review example

Generating Ideas for a Sociology Literature Review

In the following, let’s talk about ways to generate sociology research topics for college students:

  • Brainstorm. Take down notes on paper for ideas.
  • Pick up to three potential topics and check on related concepts. Do an initial research and choose the strongest topics with enough resources or articles available.
  • Write your topic down in the form of a statement.

120 Most Popular Literature Review Topics in 2019

  • Cities and racial segregation
  • Interracial marriages
  • Education levels in Africa
  • Motivations in gay relationships
  • Social behavior towards text messaging
  • Race and culture
  • Prominent culture and multicultural society
  • Patriotism – does it still exist?
  • Social classes – how they’re affected by ethnicity
  • Differences in race and ethnic culture
  • Nationalism – is it dead?
  • Effects of racial stereotypes
  • Positions in the society of multi-ethnic people
  • Race versus environment
  • Pride and nationality
  • Pride and education
  • Women and men – their differences in social privileges
  • Men hitting women – is it acceptable?
  • Ethics: is it affected by wealth?
  • Teen pregnancy motivations
  • Objectification of women’s bodies
  • Success – beauty or brain
  • Feminism effects
  • Working mothers – are they good mothers?
  • Gay rights in the society
  • The culture of criticism
  • The culture of praise
  • What makes a patriot?
  • The real father of sociology
  • Name changing – should it be allowed

DOWNLOAD the PDF below to get the FULL list of topics!

the best sociology literature review topics

Understanding the Guidelines: Lit Review Sociology Format

In addition to choosing what to review in the sociology research topics list, you must also learn how to format your review:

  • Introduction: It is a concise definition of a topic, which can be a proposal or an argumentative or descriptive thesis. It should also contain intentional exclusions. The introduction should also state the review’s general findings.
  • Body: Aside from selecting your topics for literature review in medical sociology, you should also learn how to write the body. Each literature to review should be summarized and evaluated critically – its methodology, conclusion and premise. Connect the sources using logical connections.
  • Conclusion: It will summarize the key findings in general terms. This part should also include notable similarities and differences. The conclusion should also justify the research proposal, so you should restate and support the idea based on the review’s findings.
  • References: It should contain correct and complete citation for each source.

Our Sociology Literature Review Writing Help

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guide on how to write a literature review sociology

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